Introducing Pace 12 - The All Terrain Running Vest

With Pace 12 we have transformed our award winning backpack technology into the world of running. We have adopted our patented NDM (No Dancing Monkey), known as the game changer for mountain bike packs, into a bounce free sensation for runners. The result is called The Pace 12. The running vest that redefines running vests as they are known today.



In 2017 we set our goal to design a bounce free running vest that merged with a running pack. After spending hours of testing the vests on the market we clearly saw a gap in the design of the modern vests. Most of the vests included all the runner requirements, but most actually didn’t work out in real life. In real running. We found bottles bouncing in the front pockets, pole attachments that didn’t really worked out, pockets without reach and difficulties of loading the gear in the vests. We decided to match the requirements with functionality. That’s why we decided to design the Pace 12.

All Terrain Pace 12 NDM Hydration Running Vest


We have included runners and extreme endurance athletes in the process, in order to find the requirements. But we took the development one step further. We tested every bit of functionality, piece by piece, in real running situations, in the same iteration as developing it. When we finally put the first prototype together we were confident that it would meet our standards. And it did. That’s how we develop things at USWE. And that’s how we will continue to bring innovation, that works, in the future.

Pace 12 NDM Hydration Running Vest

For Whom?

Most of us don’t live in the mountains. We are doing our running early in the morning on our way to work or in a park late at night. When we designed the Pace 12 we included the requirements for your dream race, but with the functions that you need in your everyday training. Use it to work. Use it in the park. Use it on a race. Use it everyday,

Women Using Pace 12 NDM Hydration Running Vest


James MackEddie is a dedicated runner and an active tester and reviewer. This is his first impressions of the Pace 12 after putting in about 200 miles in the testing.